Skills Groups

Do they have the tools to face the world head on?

Group size: Up to 8 participants

Duration and Cost: 1hr weekly, $35-$45 per session

Participation style: Passive or active welcome

Online sessions:

  • Age 15-17
  • Age 13-14
  • Age 10-12

Weekly groups focus on creating a safe community where young people can relax, learn, and connect with others. Each week we focus on a new social emotional learning objective ranging from anxiety and emotion expression to relationships, boundaries, self-care and self-esteem.

Group follows a predictable flow that starts with intros, a mindfulness activity, and a short lesson on a therapeutic skill from Cognitive Behavioral or Dialectical Behavior Therapy. The second half of group is centered on creative expression and therapeutic play. We do this to create opportunities for participants to practice self-expression and interpersonal skills that will support them in and outside of group. 


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